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successwithdawngoldenThis site is custom made for the multi-tasking busy person who wants to enter the world of online marketing as a home-based business owner. I am building an online marketing business as my ‘B Plan’ or what I like to call my ‘ER Plan’… that stands for Early Retirement Plan… and I would like to empower and inspire others on their journey to do the same!

This website and blog allows me the luxury of combining all my interests in one place, to explore my entrepreneurial spirit and assist and mentor others on a similar journey.  How cool is that!

News Just In!

My direction has taken a bit of a turn thanks discovering the power an online drop shipping business.  There is nothing wrong with changing direction from time to time.  It can be a smart move or even stupid not to make a change and adapt to things!  Through the power of eBay and Amazon, I think I have truly found a new home.  Watch for changes and updates to this site that will reflect my new-found passion… and profits!    You can also Check Out THIS POST to see what I am up to!

My Roots Will Never Change!

I Truly LOVE Marketing!  And I find that there are a lot of small business owners out there that have no real online presence… yikes!  And many small businesses that do have a website aren’t doing regular updates to their pages or aren’t using their sites to build a customer list or to communicate with their customers.  Then there are those who are affiliate marketers and direct marketers who rely solely on the pre-packaged “free” cloned websites offered by their opportunities and those who pay a monthly fee for a cloned website.  They aren’t building their own customer list either… double and triple yikes!


  • Create and Maintain a Marketing Plan that gets them On the Internet!
  • Build and Own a Customer List!
  • Communicate with Their Customers for Continued Growth and Success!

What Do I Mean by ‘Small Business Owners’?  That is a term that is thrown around a lot and means different things to different people.  I consider myself a small business owner and I work from home as an affiliate for a direct sales company.   I consider ‘brick and mortar’ shop owners, online marketers and home-based business owners of all shapes and sizes to be small business owners.  I also consider many professionals to be small business owners like real estate agents, chiropractors, landscapers, financial planners, carpet cleaners, etc.  You can check out this POST for more examples because the lists can go on and on.  The point is, as small business owners we all have the same need and desire to be in touch with and to be accessible to our customers.

Why Do Small Business Owners NEED An Online Presence?

Bottom line, your customers are tech savvy, whether you are or not!  You HAVE to meet them where they are and stay connected to them.   If your business isn’t taking part in the the online marketplace, your run the risk of:

  • Losing Control of Your Business Reputation
  • Missing Out on Marketing Opportunities
  • Losing Touch with Your Customer Base

You Need A Marketing Plan… that includes owning your own customer list, maintaining even just a simple website, taking advantage of your social media of choice and email campaigns to keep your customers engaged and connected to you.  Yes, it is sustainable and in just a small amount of time each week!  I will show you how!

You Can Do It… and I will empower you with ideas, methods and insights on this site via my blog posts and suggested resources and tools.  Small business owners do it all and give it their all, so I am here to show you how can accomplish an online presence to get your business working for you 24/7.

It is my sincere desire to mentor and assist small business owners with their online marketing efforts.  It has been my experience that some small business owners feel online marketing can be … complicated.  Many just avoid getting involved.

Let me show you how to have an online presence for your business that is not overwhelming or incredibly time consuming.  The truth is that you may need to learn some new skills and put in some effort, but the rewards are well worth it!  And let me just say that great multi-tasking and time management skill are helpful to business owners of all kinds, and I will also offer you information on this and much, much more!

So check out my posts, visit my Work with Me page, feel free to comment or contact me.  I look forward to learning from you also!  Stop back often and consider making a change to the way you market your business! And thanks for taking time out of YOUR busy day to visit my site!

Doing more that just wishing you success… Helping you on your Journey ~Dawn



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