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successwithdawngoldenThis site is custom made for the multi-tasking busy person who wants to enter the world of online retail arbitrage as a home-based business owner. I am building my eBay and Amazon businesses as my ‘B Plan’ or what I like to call my ‘ER Plan‘… that stands for Early Retirement Plan… and I would like to empower and inspire others on their journey to do the same!

This website and blog allows me the luxury of combining all my interests in one place, to explore my entrepreneurial spirit and assist and mentor others on a similar journey.  How cool is that!

My direction has taken a bit of a turn thanks discovering the power a retail arbitrage or an online drop shipping business. 

There is nothing wrong with changing direction from time to time.  It can be a smart move or even stupid not to make a change and adapt to things!  Through the power of eBay and Amazon, I think I have truly found a new home. I originally came back to online marketing to re-tool with the latest techniques and relearn the marketing environment.  That was such a smart move, but that is not where I stopped!  

Once I re-tooled and became re-antiquated with the power of branding, the importance of teaching and related topics like SEO, Blogs, websites, autoresponders, YouTube, Social Media… Oh, my!  I quickly realized that my marketing roots were strong!  The problem was that I didn’t have a product to sell and the business of selling marketing tools and website products wasn’t making me happy.  

What I Loved Was the Actual Marketing!

My journey brought me to partner with DS Domination for a training and support platform.  Though their ongoing training I have learned and continue to learn.  This has allowed me to mentor to others and build an even more valuable support team.

Just what it is that I am doing?  Let me first tell you what I am NOT doing… I don’t pre-buy, pack, ship or touch a product that I sell.  It is all drop shipping or the basic source low, sell high and keep the change approach on the huge platforms of Amazon and eBay.  You can also Check Out THIS POST to see what I am up to!

Almost the best part of this is… anyone can be taught these techniques and business model.  My love for marketing allows me to have the edge to help and mentor others along they way, but that is just a bonus.  No marketing experience is really required!!

So check out my posts, visit my Work with Me page, feel free to comment or contact me.  I look forward to learning from you also!  Stop back often and consider making a change to the way you market your business! And thanks for taking time out of YOUR busy day to visit my site!

Doing more that just wishing you success… Helping you on your Journey ~Dawn



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