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COLOR – it makes such a difference!   I suppose I am a very ‘visual’ person, but the use of color is part of the tool set I use to help me stay organized.  A calendar on the side of the fridge… right by the electric tea pot… was a must for our busy family and still is for us today.  Since I was working part time and a busy mom the rest of the time, I needed a system for almost everything and color is a big part of our family calendar system! 

When it was just my husband and myself, our calendar was not so busy.  Once the boys came along and our activities and obligations grew and I was still working part time, color saved the day and helped us stay organized.  Each activity was color coded by person, so you could easily see who had an obligation, practice, etc. each day at a glance.

Here is how it worked.  We were very original- not!  When our first son (Kyle) was born, everything for him became… say it with me… blue!  For son number two (Matt), we used green.  Mom was pink and Dad was yellow and yes, I sought out those multi-sided highlighters that sometimes had three or four of my target colors on one!  Colored pencils were a must in our pen draw as well.

Color on the Calender working part timeOn our family calendar, if Kyle had a practice at a particular field or location, I just had to put down the time and place and highlight it in blue.  Often Matt might have a practice on the same day but a different time or place that would be highlighted in green.   The use of color allowed me to write a minimal amount of info in that small space and still get the point across and keep us on track.  My obligation were highlighted in pink and yellow was for my husband.  With two boys in sports, going to parties, involved in Scouts, having play dates and whatever else life was throwing at us, the use of color saved the day.  A reflection on the month at a glance also sometimes made us realizes that we had to pull back and slow it down a little.

And I was sure to make good use of the ‘down time’ associated with all the running around to different events.  I would bring a book or sort coupons book or even a pad of paper and turn the waiting place into an efficient working place.  Now that down time list includes a smartphone and other electronic devices for research, connecting and working.

To this day, they boys still gravitate to their ‘assigned’ colors.  Prime example, Matt’s room is painted green and Kyle’s is blue!  And now we mark down when they are coming home in those colors instead of when we have to take them somewhere as a young family.  I miss those busy days of running them around even though at the time, it seemed a little overwhelming.  Enjoy it while it lasts and try mixing a little color in to organize your calendar. 

Add a color for your business in the mix so you are sure to give it the block of time it deserves for your future success. I use orange!  If you don’t have enough ‘orange’ on your calendar, you need to adjust.  A great part to working part time is the flexibility. When you are working a part time business around a busy family, a precious few moments can go a long way!  Get your ‘orange’ time any way you can.

Have a creative tip or trick that helps you with your business?  Leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you!

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Doing more than just wishing you success… Helping you on your journey! ~Dawn

Dawn is an online marketing consultant, specializing in attraction marketing techniques for affiliates and business owners. She believes in simplifying effective marketing efforts and mentors business owners to make productive use of their valuable time.
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Color on the Calendar — 23 Comments

  1. Hi Dawn and thank you for your “colorful” ideas. I wish I had thought of this when my children were young and I was their taxi service. I just used to jot things down in a diary. The diary got larger in direct proportion to the size of the children as they did more activities.

    These days my juggling act relates to business. I use MS One Note to keep me organized. I record all but the data from large spreadsheets in there. With it’s color coded tabs and multiple page and section features it is easy to quickly find what I want. For reminders I use a desktop calendar and alarm system.

    • Thanks Sue! I am a spreadsheet and paper index card lady, myself. The important thing it to find a system that works for you. And I do love color – color is an important part of my system!

  2. Great ideas Dawn. Regardless of what system we use, all that really matters is finding one that you’ll use. I also love spreadsheets, but my organizer of choice is a digital program by AnyTime Organizer that sits on my desktop. Since I’m a writer and manage 2 blogs having it in front of me during the day works like a gem. I have everything on there from the calendar to contacts, all of my projects and even a page for each of my books with links and descriptions. I love it!

    • Very true Marquita. Everyone is very passionate about the system that works for them, but the important thing is to find one that works for YOU!

  3. Hi Dawn,

    I just couldn’t help thinking of my daughter reading this post! She is always telling me to color code just about everything. She does it on her spread sheets with two businesses she works at.

    For her it works fine. For me, I get confused, probably because she set it up for me and I respond to different colors than she does.

    Colors do play an important part because each one carries a different energy to different people.

    Now this might sound crazy, but for me it is an appointment book…you know the kind that has paper in it lol. Because I make appointments all the time to talk to people, I have to see and feel the actual paper content. I tried to do it on my computer but messed it all up he he.

    So I carry my book wherever I go…Maybe I’m just stuck in that old-school mentality, but I need to not only see it, but feel it.


    • Hey Donna! I actually use a blend myself… a little paper and a little technology. Many articles seem to poke fun of us old school pen and pad users. Truth be told… I even sometimes use a pencil! Shhh… don’t tell anybody!

  4. Hi Dawn,
    color coding is something I love.
    I bet there is an app for that??? LOL!
    At this stage in my life my memory seems to do the job for me and I will happily apply your suggestions when I need to jot things down.
    The Google Calendar does allow you to use color. Have you used that?

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Love and Light1

    • Hey Yorinda! I use the Google calendar app on my Android phone and I haven’t found a way to add or change the color. Now you are making me go back and revisit that. I do love to use color! Thanks!!

  5. Hi Dawn,

    This is awesome information. I am motivated to make use of some colors on my calendar and I can visualize how powerful the concept is. Thank you for sharing the importance of these color coding through your own family story. This is incredible!


  6. Dawn,

    Recently I wrote a blog about the Color of Relationships. There is a system that defines personality types according to colors – red, yellow, green or blue. Once you find out which style is your first, second and third preference, it is so easy to explain your similarities and differences to others.

    You have just shown a new and different way to use and think about colors, as a way to organize. I do have a whiteboard and I have different colored markers to write with. Organizing by colors can make it so easy to understand at a glance.


    Dr. Erica

    • Thanks Dr. Erica. I have different favor colors for different situations or purposes… maybe I have multiple personalities! LOL (Maybe that is not so funny!) I will have to go look for your ‘Color of Relationships’ post!

  7. Great article Dawn and lots of fun to read! I never thought of doing that when my girls were young – they were 13 years apart, so it was kind of like bringing one up and then bringing the other up, very different. So, they were doing completely different things, but at least when the eldest was a teenager, the youngest was a baby and she just went wherever the teenager had things to attend. It was when the youngest turned 3 that we started getting really busy with activities.

    I LOVE my yellow and orange highlighters best, and I really love the yellow post it notes.

    • Thanks Julieanne! Wish I had saved a calendar from the height of our soccer\school years with our two boys. My husband coached two teams and we had four practices and maybe just as many games each week plus snack bar responsibilities, tons of school stuff and so much more… crazy, busy times! It is all a blur now and I would have to say we actually miss it! But the color coding still comes in handy and I make sure I use the proper color for each family member still today. Just can’t break the habit!

  8. Hi Dawn, this is my first visit to your blog…love love love the color coding. I do a version of that on the computer and do the background highlight to track due dates, etc. Now if I could just get the rest of the family to use it :). Looking forward to more of your helpful hints.

    • Thanks Rachel. Family cooperation always seems to be a work in progress here, too! It is a constant battle to stay organized, but I love family life and a bit of color in my world!

    • Why, Thanks! I tend to not use my computer to hold my ‘lists’ because I do like the paper and I can’t always get to the files to update them. I will be posting some tips on TO DO lists soon!

  9. Colour is such fun, isn’t it Dawn!

    I still cling to my trusy Filofax as my back-up failsafe calender, and it has coloured pages for various segments.

    Christmas is red – menus, present lists etc for every year way back to 1996.

    Information is pale blue – all sorts of measurements of rooms, clothes sizes. Lots of facts

    and so on.

    The pages really do feel different – funny, isn’t it!

    • Well that tool is right up my alley! Thanks!! First I will have my computer guy (aka my husband) check it out and then I may be color coding on a whole new level!

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