A Sense of Community… Online

As I write this, we are in the mist of selling my husband’s family home… the home that he has lived in, or at least his parents have lived in, almost every day of his life. When they moved in to this newly built home, my husband was about a year old!  We now live almost an hour away from there and all of his brothers and sisters are now gone from their hometown … their home state, for that matter…as well. His grandparents lived and raised their family in the same town.  As he put it the other day, when his childhood home is sold it will be the first time in almost 100 years that there will be no Goldens in Kenilworth.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Remember that TV Show ‘Cheers’?  (Can you hear the theme song in your head right now?)  Norm walked into the Cheers Bar and everyone yelled out his name to greet him.

I kind of feel like I am in an episode of that show when I am in Kenilworth with my husband!  He can hardly go anywhere in his hometown and not run into someone he knows or someone that knew his parents or one of his four siblings. There is even a small group of his high school friends that meet at the local diner for an early morning cup of coffee on the weekend. And the waitresses at that same diner ask about his mom and his family before they even considers taking our order.

TheA Sense of Community... Online Kenilworth Diner is awesome BTW!

They don’t have a website at the time of this post, but here is their YELP REVIEW LINK

Deep down inside, I guess I am a little jealous of the whole situation. I have no deep community roots even close to this level. My family hasn’t lived in the same community for 100 years!  Same state, yes; same local community, no. We have lived in our current community since 1993 and have many awesome friends and wonderful caring and helpful neighbors, but we have a little less than 80 years to go before we can make the same claim. I have a funny feeling that we will not make it!

And even if we did, our community is not structured the same way as Kenilworth. We lack the small town feel centered around a main street within walking distance for most residence.  We live in a much more rural setting.

Is the Concept of Community Support Possible in Online Marketing?

You betcha! Some of our neighbors have to drive to their mailbox, let alone a store or neighboring home. I can relate this small hometown living to a physical bricks and mortar business and I feel like my online marketing is more like rural living!  By that I mean I ‘see’ my fellow business owners out there on the www, I can connect, reach out for help, joint venture in various ways, but I just can’t be in their physical presence. As a perk to a virtual connection, I can also communicate 24/7 and to a broader community of people.  That offers the bonus of a wider point of view and a more global overview.

Whats It Matters To Me and YOU… This Sense of Community Support

Many of my husband’s friends and neighbors have been a great help to us through the years and especially through this recent process of selling two homes in the area. To have neighbors close by to check in on his mother, shovel the snow, cut the grass, knock on the door if she didn’t answer the phone and even just the security of a reserve set of keys and willingness to check in when needed, was a blessing. It was comforting and offered without hesitation. And similarly now with the last few pieces falling into place with the house clean out and staging for sale… community and neighborly support is priceless.

I am finding that the online support I need and crave is just as priceless and I feel very lucky, no… blessed to have found several communities that offer me support and assistance on various levels. It is strange, as I didn’t anticipate or imagine that such communities even existed when I started to look at online marketing, but what a pleasant surprise to find them!

Here Is Some Information On My Two Best Resources

  • Daily Marketing Coach is my resource for trainings and ongoing education in the ever changing world of marketing a business online. Daily Marketing Coach has been such an awesome resource and support system for me!   I have partnered with Ann Seig and various members and coaches to cut the learning curve for all things regarding online marketing into tiny pieces.

Membership to Daily Marketing Coach or DMC offers training on so many levels, anythingdmc_plus from list building techniques and strategies to social media maneuvering on numerous platforms, marketer’s mindset training and sales conversation techniques, attraction marketing techniques and copy-writing trainings, open coaching and joint venture opportunities, 24/7 online support via a private Facebook Group and so much more… really the list of benefits could go on and on. There is no way I could list them all!

If you are interested in learning what a truly supportive online training system can really Register for FREE Webinar!offer, I invite you to be my guest at an upcoming FREE webinar where you will learn more about the benefits of the Daily Marketing Coach community. Click this LINK for information on an upcoming date and time and register… today!

Just can’t wait for the next webinar? Click HERE for more information or feel free to contact me to set an appointment for a free consultation.

  • Power Affiliate Club is my resource for affiliate marketing support and additional accountability connections. This incredibly supportive group of online business owners and marketers that specifically share my interest in affiliate marketing and we work to support and assist each other in various joint ventures.

As I dipped my toe into the affiliate marketing pool, I was again blessed to come across a group of folks who started out for me as an accountability support group. As we planned and teamed together, the Power Affiliate Club or PAC was born thanks to the open-mindedness of it’s founders. Ever wonder or even realize that someone might be earning an affiliate commission on… say your Amazon purchase, for example? Well it is true and may be happening to you without you ever know it! This group of marketers support each other by an anonymous rotation of such affiliate programs …and much more.  Click HERE to check out their website.

You can also visit my Trusted Resource section on this site for additional resources that are helpful to online marketers.  Check out my recommendations there and as always, contact me directly if I can help you on your journey!  Dawn

Dawn is an online marketing consultant, specializing in attraction marketing techniques for affiliates and business owners. She believes in simplifying effective marketing efforts and mentors business owners to make productive use of their valuable time.
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About Dawn Golden

Dawn is an online marketing consultant, specializing in attraction marketing techniques for affiliates and business owners. She believes in simplifying effective marketing efforts and mentors business owners to make productive use of their valuable time.


A Sense of Community… Online — 39 Comments

    • I have been so humbled by the kindness and generosity of those whom I have met via my online marketing and business journey. It has certainly helped me to stay energized and excited about working online! Thanks for your kind words Nathaniel.

  1. Dawn

    Great post and yes there are communities out there that allow you to develop that sense of belonging. PAC is one of those and actually you will find the same people in other communities as well. Having your tribe is all important, not only for a following but for support.

    Thanks for a post with such a great subject!


    • Been pretty fortunate to have had such great experiences with online communities… and yes, PAC is certainly one of them!

  2. What a beautiful and well written article Dawn!

    I could practically hear your voice and see the hometown you speak of.

    I too feel very blessed to have found the communities of people online that I have and would not be here still without them as the whole WWW thing was very daunting when I first took a peek.

    Thank you for painting the picture of how awesome it is to be here and how much I treasure the people in our community too.
    Sonia recently posted…Pinterest Event PlanningMy Profile

    • Thanks for the compliment Sonia. I am finding many kind and helpful individuals on my online journey. Such a pleasant experience- thanks for being part of it!

  3. Hi Dawn,

    What a great post. My sisters (3) still live in the town we were born in but I was moved away when I was small, so I don’t have that same feeling that you spoke of. I do sort of miss it but things changed for us for a reason.

    Thank you so much for being a part of our Power Affiliate Club community.

    Have a great evening. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo – Writing a Novel in November 2014My Profile

    • Hey Monna. I enjoy the visits to my husband’s hometown and I hope we make it a point to go back from time to time. In the meantime, I certainly am feeling blessed by my online community connections and new found friends. PAC rules!

  4. What a beautiful analogy Dawn.

    I do move around a lot so I don’t really get a sense of a community for a long time.

    But online is a whole different story. Sometimes when people ask me who my friends are, it is mostly my virtual friends. I’ve made connections with people all over the world…so very close connections.

    This is the most amazing part of being online. We have communities we belong to and start getting closer to people there. We also have some connections via our blogs and social media.

    I must say that I am so grateful for all the people I meet and make close connections with online.

    donna merrill recently posted…Create Your Awesome AuthorityMy Profile

    • Thanks Donna. I completely agree and it was such a pleasant …surprise really, to find others so friendly and helpful on line. Truly feel blessed to have come in contact with such great, caring and support people like yourself! Have an awesome day~ Dawn

  5. Hi Dawn. Thanks for the beautiful story. 100 years. Wow! I have never lived anywhere for more than 20 years – except where we are now. Still not considered a ‘local’ here though. I think you need to be born and bred to be considered a local – at least here in Oz anyway. But the communities I have discovered online are so precious to me. I had been searching for a long time but never felt accepted. Now, I have found 3 great groups of caring, helpful people where I can be myself but learn from them at the same time. This is what people want. To belong. Everyone is different but all have something to contribute – no matter how small and the communities I am involved with celebrate everyone’s successes and share their sorrows.
    Take care Dawn
    Liz Delaney recently posted…Friday Findings – 0to255.comMy Profile

    • Hey Liz. My online journey certainly has exposed me to working with people all over the world… which is very cool! And in such a caring community, we do share so very much. I look forward to many celebrations of success!

  6. The majority of online marketers I’ve worked with, Dawn, have come to a similar conclusion… it’s so much better to join communities than trying to go it alone.

    In fact, I think almost all successful online entrepreneurs make a big turn in their business when they stop trying to figure everything out for themselves, and join a coaching club or mentoring group.

    Nothing like that small town feel.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…Building Relationships | First Niagara Bank ReviewMy Profile

    • It was such a pleasant … surprise, really to find such a great community space here among other online marketers. And yes, I am grateful for both the mentoring and coaching community that I belong to and the other groups of people who make the internet world seem a little smaller and very welcoming!

  7. This was a lovely post. I too have found much community online and I too am a bit jealous of your husband’s upbringing. I lived in my childhood home for the first 17 years of my life. Two of my children were born where I live now. I wonder what the future will bring but to reach 100 we have 82 more years to go.

    • Guess I will have to settle myself with saying that my family has been in New Jersey for over 100 years… that is the best I can do!

    • As in every other aspect of life, it is always good to be careful with whom you come in contact. Life blesses us with safe-havens and kind souls even on the internet!

  8. I’m in Australia and apart from the family I’ve produced myself, my family all live over in UK. My sister has lived in a picturesque small old town for 30 years now and the community there is amazing (so is the gossip though!)

    Maybe it’s because I’ve moved a fair bit myself but I tend to get most friendly with people who do the same. I did live in Melbourne for some years but my 5 closest friends moved to different cities or rural areas a long way out.

    Then I moved to a small town on the coast where I only know a couple of people. Online community helps sustain me. When I started online marketing it took me a while to find that same spirit.

    The PAC group embodies all that is good about online community, sharing, helping and collaboration. I feel fortunate to have found you all.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Follow Buttons Free DownloadMy Profile

    • Caring, sharing and collaboration… makes for a successful day! I feel truly blesses for my on-line support and accountability friends. So happy you are apart of the group!

    • Hi NT. Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) is such a perfect example of a caring and giving online community, and for me, it has been exactly what I need to mesh with my fragmented and irregular schedule. I hope you find what you are looking for. Let me know what you think of DMC!

    • I really can’t say it enough, my online friends have become such an important part of my support group and masterminding process. Such a happy unanticipated pleasure!

  9. Dawn, I know so well the feeling of not having roots.

    My husband grew up in the home his grandfather built, and his father lived in from the time he was a year old.

    My father’s mother lived in the same town her entire life. My mom has lived there since she was 15. I have relatives on both sides of my family living there, but none with my maiden name of Cummins, since my uncle passed away a few years ago. Everyone else has moved away.

    Although I grew up in that same town, we moved from one house to another almost every year of my childhood, and I switched back and forth among three public schools in town.

    Finding a place to belong is so important, and it’s wonderful when we can find a group of like-minded people where we are mutually supportive, and sharing many of the same goals.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…A Bundle of TwigsMy Profile

  10. Hi Dawn,

    I lived in NJ and went to HS and college there and I love the Kenilworth Diner!! 🙂

    What a great post and perfect analogy. Of late my family and I have been moving around a bit and I sometimes worry what all the moving would mean for my daughter and her “sense of community” but I think community is more than where you’ve lived. It’s the sense of feeling welcome, cared for and that people “have your back”.
    To your point exactly all of these are all things that can be found in many places, including online marketing!
    When I started my business it was the support of online coaches, marketers and online classes that gave me my support. And of course PAC! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!
    Monisha Kapur recently posted…A Wardrobe Consultant’s Closet ConfessionMy Profile

    • The support and help that I have been offered by the online marketing peeps has truly been inspiring. Glad you can appreciate it and feel the say way.

      Such a small world! What better than to meet up in person with an online friend. Let me know if you return for a reunion!

  11. Hi Dawn,

    I loved Cheers lol and the song is never forgotten. Thankyou for sharing this lovely post on Community. I recently joined PAC and couldn’t be happier with the warm welcome I received from everyone so I would definately recommend PAC as a great way to meet fellow marketers and I am hoping friends too. My family are all split up too as my father is a retired Pastor so we moved around alot. Then when I got married my husband joined the RAF so we moved around alot too. Thankyou again for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your posts:)

    Gillian Wright recently posted…Tips That Can Help You Write Articles for MoneyMy Profile

    • So glad to have you stopping by my Blog and are enjoying the benefits of PAC membership. The internet marketing world is so very giving… once you find a fit that is good for you. Welcome!!

  12. Hi Dawn,

    Loved this post! Community is so very important to be a part of online…..so many are NOT what they seem……I feel that when you find a community that you feel at home in and get the support that you need, it is awesome 🙂 I personally have found that with you all in PAC and in my own business, ILN 🙂 Thank you for sharing this valuable post!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…How To Increase Profits with Your Facebook PageMy Profile

    • I can’t say it enough… I really never expected the online communities and forums to be so close knit and welcoming. It has been such a great experience to get to know so many lovely and truly giving people, like yourself! Thanks Joan.

    • Ha… that is one sure way to be popular… being in charge or the beer or maybe the food! We have gone back to Kenilworth a few times now… and it is weird, even for me!

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